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By Ece Yalcin • Medical review by Sule Guclu Sakrak, MD on February 04, 2021

What is Under Eye Filler ?

What Is Under-Eye Filler?

Under-eye filler, also known as tear trough treatment, is a dermal filler that is applied to reduce the most common age-related or genetic-based under-eye problems such as under-eye bags, crow's feet lines, sunken eyes, and dark circles.

Costs can vary depending on the type of filler, the experience level of the doctor and the location of the clinic or hospital. Prices of the procedure may range from $150 to $375.

How Much Does Under-Eye Filler Cost In Turkey?
The cost of under-eye filler varies depending on the brand you choose. The experience level of your doctor and the location of the clinic may also affect the price of the procedure.
Before the procedure, the area is sterilized with cleansing fluid. After that, a local anesthetic is applied to make the skin numb. There is numbing material also in the filler’s formula so that the patient doesn't feel any pain during the procedure.

Unlike the other dermal fillers, under-eye fillers are applied to bones, not to the skin itself. The gel-like substance is slowly injected into the area via a blunt-tipped cannula. The entire procedure is about 35 minutes. The area is massaged gently after the procedure for even distribution.


Under-eye filler can be done in a single session, while sometimes according to the patient's situation it needs to be done in three sessions applied in three weeks.

The results can be noted right after the first session. The under-eye area gains its final look within a week after the procedure. Except for some rare conditions, no side effects like bruising or puffiness are observed in this period. Redness at the injection site is a common situation that is temporary and mostly heals in a few days with no need for extra treatment. Two weeks after the surgery, you will be scheduled a follow-up appointment to check the results and see if a second session is needed or not. If your doctor decides that you need another session, the procedure is applied again at the end of the third week following the first session.

If you are considering under-eye filler, you can also benefit from other patients' experiences before making a decision.

Healthy men and women over the age of 18 are generally good candidates for under-eye filler procedure. Under-eye fillers are most effective for people who have genetic darkness in the tear trough area, dark under-eye hollows caused by genetics or aging, pockets of fat under the eye, or who look always tired. Pregnant and breastfeeding women aren't advised to use eye fillers.

One of the anesthesia products which are used for the under-eye filler procedures is lidocaine which can cause allergic reactions for some patients and in that case, other materials should be considered. Dr.Süleyman Taş explains the concern of the patients who are allergic to lidocaine in these words: "We use topical anesthetics before the under-eye filler procedure. For your procedure, we can choose special numbing products which are safe for you."
Because there is hyaluronic acid in their content, under-eye fillers have long-lasting effects. Fillers last nearly twelve to eighteen months and by the end of this period being absorbed by the skin, their effect ends. Repeating the procedure prolongs the permanence of the fillers.

One of the frequently asked questions is whether the permanence of the filler changes depending on the brand or not. The permanence of the filler varies also depending on the patient's metabolism along with the brand. "None of the filler substance is 100% permanent. While the permanence depends on the patient, the fillers start to lose their volume in six to twelve months but after that, at least 30% of the filler substance stays in the body, which means they don't fully dissolve," says Dr.Abdülkadir Göksel, replying a question about the permanence of the fillers. Dr. Özge Ergün answers the same question, "Under-eye fillers last one year. We use Redensity2 and it lasts twelve months."
Under-eye filler is not harmful. The filler's content is generally formulated with hyaluronic acid that is naturally produced by the human body. Because it is a procedure applied by a needle, there can be redness or hardness at the injection sites. Performing the procedure by cannula can reduce that risk. Even if it is a rare side effect, some swelling can be observed after the procedure. To prevent the swelling, it is suggested to apply an ice compress for the first 24 hours and to keep the head above the heart while sleeping.

Choosing an experienced and qualified doctor will prevent almost any kind of possible risks of under-eye filler.

If you don't like the results after the procedure and your filler substance is made of hyaluronic acid, it can easily be dissolved by injection of hyaluronidase.
Under-eye filler is an aesthetic procedure that fixes under-eye problems. Since it is easy to apply and mostly painless, under-eye filler is one of the most preferred procedures. You can go home after getting under-eye fillers.

After the procedure, you should avoid:

  • Wearing makeup for the first two day
  • Heavy exercises
  • Sleeping face down
  • Applying ice and massaging the area will shorten your recovery time.

Turkey is a global leader in health tourism ranking in the first ten countries. Every year thousands of foreign patients visit Turkey to undergo cosmetic procedures. Low-cost procedures with the highest quality service attract people from all over the world.  In world-class Turkish clinics, you can reach the best filler brands while your injections will be performed by renowned and skilled doctors.

When you consider having your under-eye fillers in Turkey, you can also plan an amazing vacation in a beautiful Turkish city like İstanbul, İzmir, Antalya, and Aydın.
İstanbul is the most populated city in Turkey and it is one of the most developed cities in the world. Many of the best clinics are located in İstanbul, and so as the surgeons. Foreign patients who plan to visit Turkey as a medical destination, tend to choose İstanbul not only because of its countless list of plastic surgeons and dermatologists but also because of its unique character that is full of historical, cultural, and gastronomical aspects.

Written on 01/01/2018


Last Update: 28/07/2022

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