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Thigh Lift
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Average Cost $ 7000
Treatment General anestesia
Recovery Time 1-2 Week

What is Thigh Lift ?

What Is A Thigh Lift?

A thigh lift (thighplasty) is an invasive cosmetic surgery that is performed to remove excess skin and fat to reshape and smooth the thigh area after significant weight loss, liposuction, or sagging due to aging. 


How much Is A Thigh Lift Cost?

The overall price of a "Thigh Lift cost" varies depending on where you live, the type of thigh lift you choose, and your surgeon’s overall experience. And also you may need to pay for additional costs related to the procedure just like anesthesia, the facility, medications, and more. Average cost of a Thigh Lift changes between $2.500 - $16.000 worldwide. 

A thigh lift is considered an aesthetic procedure, which is usually not covered by health insurance.

How Much Is A Thigh Lift In Turkey?

If you are thinking of getting a thigh lift surgery then you may consider having it in Turkey as the prices are very reasonable than any other countries around Europe and Asia. Turkey has the privilege to offer all-inclusive packages at an affordable thigh lift cost. As every patient has a unique treatment plan depending on their needs, expected results, and anatomy the costs of thigh lift surgery Turkey changes from 3.000 $- 5.500$.

Who Is Candidate For A Thigh Lift?

In general, a thigh lift surgery candidate must be over 18 years old,  with a positive outlook and realistic goals for what thigh lift surgery can accomplish. Thigh lift surgery candidates have to be healthy individuals committed to leading a healthy lifestyle who do not have medical conditions that impair healing or increase risk of surgery. 

Individuals with significant excess skin or significant sagging from a loss of elasticity are ideal candidates for a thigh lift.

As any other aesthetic surgeries, a nonsmoker whose weight is relatively stable are also the best candidates for a thigh lift surgery.

How Should You Prepare For A Thigh Lift?

Preparing for a Thigh Lift surgery does not require any specific procedures but it is generally advised to;  stop smoking and avoid certain medications that can cause bleeding. 

Thigh lift before and after, it's important to focus on the recovery process. You must arrange for help during recovery. So, arrange someone to drive you home after you leave the hospital and stay with you for at least the first night of your recovery at home.

What Should You Expect During Thigh Lift Recovery?

Before you leave the hospital your surgeon will ask you to wear a compression garment and will place dressings against the incisions to help ease swelling.
Thigh lifts are considered major procedures so you’ll need to take up at least 2 weeks off work to recover. 

You may start to experience pain, soreness, bruising and swelling for a few days after the procedure. Any worsening pain or the onset of bleeding through sutures or dressings should be addressed with your doctor right away. 

While you are resting or sleeping it's important to lay in the right position. To decrease the tension on the incisions and prevent wound separation, place a pillow under your knees, try to keep your legs elevated and rest with your legs slightly bent. 

Taking a shower or turning back to daily routine will take time. After the surgery it's recommended to take a shower at the end of the first week. The daily activities has to wait for about 2 weeks but you may start walking in the house to increase circulation a few days after the surgery.  

It takes several months to see full results. Be patient and follow the directions of your doctor.  

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Thigh Lift?


A thigh lift surgery helps to reshape and smooth the thigh area after losing weight.
A thigh lift surgery provides more toned and youthful thighs 
A thigh lift surgery can correct rashes and other irritation that develops on sagging skin.  
A thigh lift surgery can make you gain more shapeliness and to feel more comfortable while wearing swimsuits, shorts, and jeans.


A thigh lift surgery is a major surgery, with lots risks and potential complications. 
Thigh lift surgery recovery period is long and you’ll need to take time off work to recover.
Individuals have to expect unfavorable and visible scars which will fade over time. 
Possibility of revisionary surgery 
Risk of asymmetry

What’s The Procedure Like?

Before thigh lift surgery your surgeon will choose the best thigh lift option for you. The procedure is done under general anesthesia. A thigh lift surgery can take from two to six hours to complete, depending on the  extent of the procedure.

Your surgeon will make the appropriate incisions based on the type of thigh lift chosen. Then, through those incisions the excess skin and fat cells will be removed. After this step your surgeon will reshape and tighten the remaining tissue; will lift and smooth the skin and then close the incisions. 

What Are The Risks?

Risks in a thigh lift surgery are relatively frequent but not fatal. It's important to know that you can face the risks of; bleeding, scarring, infections, skin discoloration, asymmetry, loss of skin elasticity, fluid accumulation, deep vein thrombosis, heart or lung complications. Smoking increases the risks so it's better to stop smoking.  

What Are The Different Types Of Thigh Lifts?

There are 5 different types of Thigh Lift surgery. The type of surgery you need will be considered on your body type and the results you're looking for.

1- Inner (medial) Thigh Lift is the surgery performed on the inner part of the upper thigh. The skin around the upper thigh may start to lose elasticity and become saggy due to the quick weight loss or the process of aging. The most beneficial part of this surgery is the scarring is kept in minimum and the results achieved are excellent. 

2- Mini Thigh Lift is performed to reduce sagging in the upper part of the inner thigh. Mini Thigh Lift is considered for patients who have a BMI of less than 30 and don't have a particularly large amount of excess fat or skin. The most beneficial part of this surgery is; recovery time after Mini Thigh Lift is minimum. 

3- Outer (bilateral) thigh lift is done to the ones who have excess skin after extreme weight loss. The procedure helps  to remove larger amounts of tissue than other techniques used for thigh lift. Outer (bilateral) thigh lift involves an incision that starts in your groin area, then extends outward to your hip and lower back area. 

4- Vertical thigh lift can be considered to the ones who have got lots of excess skin in all areas and parts of their thighs. Vertical thigh lift requires larger incisions that extend down to the knees. 

5- Lift with liposuction is an additional procedure that can be considered for some cases. To remove excess fat cells and prevent sagging skin liposuction may be done by your surgeon if you have a poor skin elasticity. 

The Advantages Of Thigh Lifts In Turkey

Thigh lift in Turkey has got many advantages. First of all Turkey is one of the most experienced countries of Asia and Europe in the field of plastic surgery.  ons are highly experienced in thigh lift surgery. Thigh lift in Turkey is performed by the fully experienced plastic surgeons at fully equipped hospitals. 

Turkey is a destination where you will feel safe and comfortable during your treatment and recovery. Also Thigh lift in Turkey offers affordable all-Inclusive packages including operation fees, multilingual patient host, transfers and accommodation. 

The Advantages Of Thigh Lifts In İstanbul

The advantages of thigh lifts in İstanbul provides you the best price offer with great results. İstanbul is the hot spot of health tourism in Turkey. 

Getting your thigh lift surgery in İstanbul offers you to have your treatment at a fully equipped hospital by the best plastic surgeons with affordable prices. 

Thigh lifts in İstanbul will provide you to get rid of loose skin on your thighs, will make you have smoother skin and will make you feel more self-confident and youthful. 

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