2 years ago
I want to correct the alignment of my teeth, can I get information about smile design?

Hello, I am 32 years old, my upper and lower teeth do not touch each other. I have crooked teeth, especially in my upper...

3 years ago
Can you get zirconia crowns at 16?

Hello. I’m 16 years old, is it possible for me to have zirconia crowns at this age?

2 years ago
What should be done for tooth fracture after amputation?

Hello, about a month ago, the inner part of the tooth I had amputation + composite treatment was broken today. When I talked...

2 years ago
What treatment do I need to have in order to equalize the size of my front teeth?

Hello. I want to equalize the size of my front 8 teeth, which treatment can be used for this?

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