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What is Smile Design ?

What Is A Smile Design?

A smile design is a combination of different dental procedures that create a better and more beautiful smile. Each patient’s smile design is different and is customized depending on the needs of the patient. Before creating a smile makeover plan, both the facial composition and dental composition are evaluated in detail. After deciding on the procedures, the treatment begins. Some dentists offer a digital smile which gives patients the chance to see their new smile. Digital smile design is created by high-quality digital photos. 

How Much Does A Smile Design Cost?

The price of a smile design is always unique, which means it is different for each patient. There are several procedures to create a new smile and the cost varies depending on the treatment plan. 

If the treatment is limited with teeth whitening only, the price varies between $70 to $250. 

If the smile design will also include gum reshaping, the average price would be $150 for this procedure. 

If there are missing teeth and there will be dental implants in the treatment, the average price for one tooth will be $1000. 

Other than the cosmetic procedures, the health issues in the patient’s mouth will also change the price. The location of the dentistry clinic and the dentist are two other components to determine the price. 

A smile makeover takes long, sometimes more than a year, depending on the treatment. An average price that includes all the methods of a smile design may be approximately $1500.

How Much Is A Smile Design In Turkey?

The quality of the clinics in Turkey is world-famous. Patients are treated with the latest dental technology. 

A smile design process may take several months. Even if the smile makeover treatment lasts for months and requires multiple visits, yet it will cost less than the western clinics. Once the patients get their treatment plan, they can book their flight tickets and accommodations as well. They can get the chance to see a new place every time they come for their smile design. 

What Happens During A Smile Design?

The process of a smile design begins with a consultation. After the detailed evaluation dentists generally take digital photos of their patients from different angles. Once they decide the best facial expression customized to their patients’ faces, they plan the treatment. There are several methods of smile design treatment. 
What Are The Treatment Methods Of A Smile Design?
Cosmetic Bonding

This treatment aims to fix the simple gaps and chips or solve other teeth problems using a tooth-colored resin material. The cost of bonding is less expensive than crowns and veneers. Because it is affordable and simple to apply at the same time, bonding is one of the most preferred dental procedures. 

Teeth Whitening 

Teeth whitening is a very common procedure to brighten yellow or stained teeth. Dentists generally use peroxide-based gels to whiten the teeth. The results of the procedure are not permanent and last until the teeth lose color again. 

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are the perfect and most permanent solution to fix problems like:
Discolored teeth
Misaligned, uneven teeth
Teeth with gaps between them
Chipped or broken teeth

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment corrects dental irregularities. This is a very effective treatment that helps straighten the patients’ teeth by using fixed or removable devices. 


This is an alternative treatment to traditional metal braces of orthodontics. It uses plastic aligner trays to straighten teeth. 

Gum Reshaping

This method is performed to cure the diseased gums or fix the main gum concerns like a gummy smile, an uneven gum line or, receding gums. The treatment involves the removal of the excess tissue (gingivectomy) or, a gumgraft (gingivoplasty) and, sometimes a Botox.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used to cover damaged or misshaped teeth. They are placed over an existing tooth.  

Dental Implants

Dental implants can be recommended when the patients have missing teeth. It is a surgical procedure that makes metal screws implanted into the jawbone to replace damaged or missing teeth with artificial teeth.  

How Long Does A Smile Makeover Take?

A smile design is a combination of different treatment procedures. The duration of the smile makeover varies depending on each patient’s private situation. Every single treatment takes time and the total treatment may take several months or, even a few years. 

Who Is A Good Candidate For A Smile Makeover?

People who are not confident with their smiles can opt for a smile design. While there is no age limit for the procedures, children whose teeth are replaced by permanents can have a smile makeover. Generally, the treatment of the children is accompanied by orthodontic methods. 

Can Smokers Undergo A Smile Design?

Smoking leaves stains on the teeth and makes difficult the recovery time of the treatment. There are many other serious problems caused by smoking. So, anyone who desires to have a better, natural-looking smile should quit smoking before the treatment begins.  

The Advantages of a Smile Design in Turkey

Turkey is a popular destination in health tourism. Dental work, a part of the renowned health system of the country, is charming for foreign patients. A smile design can take several months and the treatment may be really expensive. However, in Turkey, the prices are much more affordable than in western countries while the quality of the treatment doesn’t change.  The treatment process may require multiple visits. Even then the cost of the treatment won’t be more expensive than the one in a European city. 

Advantages Of A Smile Design In İstanbul

İstanbul is one of the most famous cities in the world and the most populated one in Turkey. The city offers countless benefits to its inhabitants which makes it an attractive place to live and work. This is why many dentists choose İstanbul to pursue a career. A patient can easily find a good dentist and a very high-quality clinic in the city. 

Besides, the city is full of unique historical and natural treasures. When the patients visit İstanbul for dental treatment, they can also arrange beautiful tours in the city. 

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