I entrusted my revision rhinoplasty to Dr. Ebru Topuz

I had surgery for a bone curvature 10 years ago, but my nose was fused incorrectly. I was not satisfied at all. I searched Read More

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Ca*** Ebru Topuz, MD - 09.03.2022

I'm not satisfied with the result of my revision rhinoplasty

My first nose job was done by Dr. Umit Taskin. The result was bad and I talked to him again. He said that if I had a second Read More

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Se*** Umit Taskin, MD - 09.09.2021

After two bad rhinoplasty experiences and then getting a revision rhinoplasty from Dr. Suleyman Tas was the best decision I've ever made.

Dr. Suleyman Tas performed my revision rhinoplasty surgery. My previous experiences were bad. After having a negative Read More

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Bu*** Suleyman Tas, MD - 1 Comment 18.05.2020

My Revision rhinoplasty result

I had extremely narrow nostrils. I couldn't breathe before surgery. I d like to share my final result. I can breath Read More

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I wanted revision rhinoplasty and Dr. Tamer made me a new nose from my ribs

Hello, I had surgery in Van city about 2 years ago. I had my surgery because I didn't like the shape of my nose. But Read More

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Yl*** Tamer Sakrak, MD - 25.12.2019

My revision rhinoplasty process with Dr. Cenk Teker was very comfortable.

I found Dr. Cenk Teker on Instagram and contacted him. Our communication went smoothly. I preferred the packages that include Read More

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An*** Cenk Teker, MD - 06.02.2023

I am in love with my new nose

I am in love my result from Dr. Taskin. He did my nose back in December 2021 and he actually did a second procedure for me as Read More

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Se*** Umit Taskin, MD - 26.08.2022

Dr. Nazim is very good at deviation in the nose

I am glad that I met Nazım Çerkeş... Before, I went to a doctor in Izmir and had an operation without doing much Read More

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Ec*** Nazim Cerkes, MD - 02.08.2021

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