2 years ago
I have indentations on the right and left sides of my nose, do I need revision rhinoplasty?

Hello, I had a nose job 4,5 months ago. There is an indentation on the left side of my nose and a slightly indented line on...

1 year ago
I had rhinoplasty for the second time and why is there a bump on the bridge of my nose after revision rhinoplasty?

One of the photos is after the first surgery, one after the second. In the first surgery, a bump on the bridge had...

6 months ago
I want to come from United States to come to Turkey for a revision rhinoplasty , but is the skin on my nose too thick for this surgery?

Everybody say i have too thick skin, so disapointing, but i am still looking for a doctor for mid facelifting, fat grafting...

7 months ago
I want a revision nose job and I would like double chin lipo as well, is it possible?

It is a revision nose job and I would like double chin lipo as well and put back in the chin because it is too far back and...

2 years ago
I had rhinoplasty, but I want to lower the tip of my nose and straighten the curved part. Can revision rhinoplasty be done?

After rhinoplasty, I had an extremely raised, short, and wide bone-looking nose. Can it be fixed with this revision...

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