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What is Lip Filler ?

What Is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation, also known as lip enhancement or lip enlargement, is a cosmetic procedure that allows you to change the shape, size, and contour of your lips. There are several methods of lip augmentation and all of them can be done under local anesthesia. Some of them are performed surgically and some are performed using injections.  

What is Lip Filler?

Lip filler is the most common lip augmentation method to plump up the lips. The procedure is performed with injectable fillers which contain mostly hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in our body. Since they don't last long, collagen fillers are less often preferred.  

How Much Do Lip Fillers Cost?

Lip fillers cost from $150 to $400, depending on the brand of filler, the amount of filler you want (0,5ml or 1ml lip filler), the city you live in, and the doctor who performs the procedure.
How Much Does Lip Augmentation Cost In Turkey?
The cost of lip augmentation varies depending on what type of procedure you choose. Each of the procedures has different prices. 

Lip Filler Procedure Steps

Before getting lip filler, your doctor will medically evaluate your face and lip structure. After deciding the amount of filler, your doctor:

  • Applies local or topical anesthesia to numb your lips
  • Marks carefully the injection sites
  • Injects the filler substance into your lips using fine needles or thin cannulas
The procedure takes less than an hour. You shouldn't eat or drink anything for two hours following the procedure.

What Are The Other Options For Lip Augmentation?
Fat Transfer: The procedure is similar to lip fillers. The doctor injects the fat, which is just sucked out from your body, into your lips. The results are almost permanent.
Lip Implants: Silicone lip implants are permanent but reversible. You can choose a custom shape and size. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Silicone implants can be removed if you decide you don't want them.
Botox Lip Flip: Unlike the injectable fillers, lip flip injection doesn't give volume to lips. It relaxes the muscles around the lips and the patient has fuller lips after the procedure.  Lip flip lasts three to four months.
Lip Lift Surgery: This procedure takes about an hour and it is also done under local anesthesia. It may leave a pale scar for a few months. The results are permanent. This procedure is the best option for older patients. 

Types Of Lip Fillers

Commonly used lip injections are; Juvaderm, Restylane, Teosyal, Surgiderm, Hylaform, Dermadeep, Dermalive, Rofilan, and Puragen.  They all are hyaluronic acid-based fillers that are absorbed by the body within a year.

How Long Do The Lip Fillers Last

Lip fillers which have hyaluronic acid in their formula, last four to twelve months according to your metabolism.
The permanence of lip fillers is one of the frequently asked questions about the procedure.
"I have recently got Teosyal lip fillers but it wore off quickly. What might have caused this, the brand, or the amount of filler they chose?", asks a user.  
"The permanence of lip fillers is six to eight months. They may have injected inadequate amount of filler or maybe you get used to your look that you can't feel the difference and you think that your filler is absorbed", replies Dr.Süleyman Taş, while Dr.Önder Tan says: "The permanence of lip fillers varies depending on the metabolism of the patient and the type of filler we use and lasts six to twelve months."
After getting lip filler, you see the results in two days. You should avoid using makeup products, eating, and drinking for the first two hours following the procedure.
You may experience some bruising, swelling, or mild pain at the injection site for a couple of days.
Even the longest-lasting lip fillers are mostly absorbed by the body in time and then you will need to get lip fillers again.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Lip Fillers?

A good candidate for lip fillers can be listed as below:
  • Any healthy person who is older than 18
  • Any person who has a reasonable desire to have plumper and shapely lips
  • Any person whose lips have lost collagen and fat due to aging

Do Lip Fillers Hurt?

Lip filler procedure is performed under local anesthesia, besides many hyaluronic acid fillers contain lidocaine in them to block pain. Because of that lip fillers are not painful.

Who Isn't A Good Candidate For Lip Fillers?

  • People with diabetes
  • People with lupus disease
  • People who have active cold sore or wound on their lips
  • People who have to take blood thinners are not good candidates for lip fillers.

What Are The Side Effects Of Lip Fillers?

There are very few side effects of lip fillers. Since the fillers are injected into the lips using needles or cannulas, there can be some bleeding on the injection site. Other than bleeding, swelling, and bruising can be seen around the injection area.

The Advantages Of Lip Fillers In Turkey

Turkey is famous for its health tourism. Since there are many people, either natives or foreigners, having their cosmetic procedures done in Turkey, doctors are so experienced that generally you will be fully satisfied after getting your fillers. Having read the patients’ reviews and checked the doctors’ background, you are most likely able to choose the best doctor for your procedure. Another advantage that comes with the country-which matters too much- is the good prices of the procedures compared to European or US cities. (Besides, not for lip fillers but for other surgical operations that require a long recovery, many high-quality clinics offer all-inclusive packages including accommodation, pick-ups and drop-offs at the airport, and a translator.)

The Advantages Of Lip Fillers In İstanbul

İstanbul is the most populated city in Turkey and the city keeps developing constantly in almost every field. Most of the skilled plastic surgeons work in İstanbul and also most of the cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries are carried out in this city. Because of that, doctors and clinics in this city are more experienced than most of the foreign cities’ doctors and clinics. In the city, you can reach the best filler brands and the most experienced hands to make your fillers done.

So What is Lip Lift Aesthetics?

In addition to all these applications, it is an application performed with aesthetic surgery preferred by people who are not satisfied with the length of the upper lip area. It aims to give the lip a lively look by shortening the distance between the lip and the nose and raising the lip higher.

As a result of this aesthetic operation, also called Angel Lip Lift, an angel wing shaped lip appearance appears. In the genetically thin lips, the distance between the nose and the lips is shortened and the lips are given the desired shape.

Click for detailed information about Lip Lift aesthetics.

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