2 years ago
I had some problems after limb lengthening surgery, it's getting better slowly. Are there any exercises I can do to speed up the process?

Hello, I had surgery for genu varum and then I had a cosmetic limb lengthening procedure. Yes, I got taller with the surgery,...

2 years ago
Does limb lengthening surgery make you disproportionate?

Hello. I’m 168 cm tall and I want to have surgery to get 10 cm longer. Will there be any noticeable disproportion in...

3 years ago
My daughter is 2 years old, her arms, height, and legs are short. What we can do?

Hello, my daughter is 2 years old, it is said that she may remain a dwarf. His height is under the 3rd percentile. There is...

5 months ago
Are there any risks to limp lengthening surgery?

Is there a risk of paralysis in limp lengthening surgery?

3 years ago
I'm 165 cm tall and I want to be 5 cm taller. Can I get a limb lengthening surgery?

I’m 165 cm tall and I want to be 5 cm taller. Am I suitable for a limb lengthening surgery? I couldn’t find an...

2 years ago
I have spina bfida, my size 1.45, can I be operated?

Hello. I am 22 years old and I have spina bfida. I'm at 1.45 and it's ruining my social life. I want limb lengthening...

5 years ago
I'm 160 cm tall, I want to have a limb lengthening procedure.

Hello. I’m 160 cm tall and I want to have surgery. Being this short causes psychological problems for me that I cannot...

5 years ago
I want to have limb lengthening surgery in Turkey but I live abroad. I have an accommodation problem, can I stay at the hospital?

Hello, I had a question for you. If I have a combined operation, can I stay at your hospital, let’s say for four months...

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