54 kg weight loss with Dr. Tuna Bilecik

I came to Turkey for a gastric sleeve. We met with Dr. Tuna Bilecik and he performed my surgery. I was very satisfied with Read More

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A.*** Tuna Bilecik, MD - 29.03.2022

I am very satisfied with my body as a result of sleeve gastrectomy surgery

Dieting was very difficult and boring. I couldn't lose any weight.  I thought that I would start a diet on Read More

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Bh*** Ali Durmus, MD 4500 - 6000 1 Comment 08.11.2021

I had gastric sleeve surgery and my life has changed

I was 115 kilos before, now I’m 62 kg. I used to struggle a lot because of my weight. I couldn’t find clothes, I Read More

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Ht*** Hasan Erdem, MD - 30.10.2019

I lose weight with diet but I then regain it, so I wanted to have surgery

I'm a computer engineer, so I work sitting all the time and gained weight. I tried to lose weight with diet a few times Read More

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I lost 57 kilos in 1 year after sleeve gastrectomy

I lost 57 kilos in a year. I've been on a diet a lot of times, but I could not give a kind of weight. At first I was so Read More

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In my sleeve gastrectomy adventure, I found my doctor from Newlyme! :)

For many years, my weight problem has been many times, I have not been able to lose weight even though I have tried diet and Read More

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Dy*** Cem Arslan, MD - 25.09.2019

I lost 64 kg in 1.5 years with gastric sleeve surgery

Hello, it's been 1.5 years since I had a sleeve gastrectomy. Dr. Hasan Erdem performed my surgery. My surgery and the Read More

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Hd*** Hasan Erdem, MD - 05.09.2019

I had a stomach reduction surgery: I lost 40 kg in 9 months

It's been nine months since my tube stomach surgery and I lost 40 kg. I would like to thank my doctor and everyone in the Read More

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Gc*** Hasan Erdem, MD - 04.09.2019

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