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By Ece Yalcin • Medical review by Metin Kerem, MD on February 18, 2021

Butt Implant
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Average Cost $ 60000
Treatment general anesthesia
Recovery Time 2-3 Weeks

What is Butt Implant ?


What Are Butt Implants? 

Butt implants are synthetic devices (like breast implants but harder material, not gel) that are used to increase the size of the butts. They are made of silicone, not gel but it has to be very soft. There are several ways of buttock augmentation and using buttock implants is one of the popular techniques to improve the appearance of the butts. Placing the implants below, within, or above the gluteal muscle is a surgical intervention and the procedure is performed by plastic surgeons only. 

Butt implant prices vary depending on the experience level of the surgeon, the brand of the implant, the location of the surgery, and the number of the procedures (if the surgery is combined with a BBL, liposuction, or a butt lift) that will be performed on the patient.

How Much Is A Butt Implant Surgery In Turkey?
In Turkey, the price of a butt implant is much more affordable than in European and US cities. The price of a butt implant surgery that is performed in a well-equipped hospital changes depending on the surgeon’s reputation and experience level, as well as the location of the hospital. If the butt implant surgery is combined with another procedure, the price will increase.
A butt implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Before starting the procedure, the appropriate size and shape of the implant are chosen. The surgeon makes incisions in the midline of the buttocks to place the implants. The implants can be placed within the muscle or under the gluteal fascia. Since the incisions are below the bikini line, the scars are not visible in daily life. 

Butt implant surgeries can be combined with BBL procedures. A butt implant surgery takes 2 to 4 hours due to the number of procedures. 
One of the main concerns of the patients is if the buttocks would be natural-looking or soft enough after the implants. There are different sizes and shapes of butt implants. If the best size and shape of the butt implant can be placed under the muscle, the buttocks will have a natural look. There are round implants and oval implants with different sizes and after a physical exam, your surgeon will decide the correct size and shape of the implants for your procedure. The most natural shape is the oval round.

Sometimes, butt implants can be supported by a BBL, a butt lift, or just a liposuction session only to create a better contour by removing the excess fat above the hips.  
Butt implants can be placed below, within, or above the muscle. Buttock implant placement has its advantages and disadvantages; for instance, placing the implant below the muscle provides more coverage for the implant, while makes it less visible. However, the recovery of this placement more painful and runs a risk of putting pressure on the sciatic nerve. As for the intramuscular placement, this kind of placement provides more of a cushion for the sciatic nerve.
Often, an incision is made in the crease between the hip cheeks. Alternate locations are the outer corners of the upper hip and the underside of the hip crease.
The most common side effects and risks of a butt implant surgery are:

  • Bleeding on the incision sites
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Incisional separation
  • Infection
  • Capsular contracture
  • Implant malposition
All healthy men and women can opt for a butt implant to improve the shape of their buttocks. There are no special men's butt implants but there are different sizes. If the person is too skinny to have a BBL surgery, butt implants are perfect for buttock augmentation for that kind of patient. 
Turkey is a very popular medical destination for patients from all over the world. People opt for Turkey for many reasons when they consider having a butt implant surgery. Since there are experienced and renowned surgeons who perform very successful butt implant surgeries, there is a high rate of satisfaction among the patients and this rate attracts patients who desire to have a perfect butt implant surgery. Besides, the quality of the service which is given in the health facilities is always high and the staff in these facilities is well-trained and can speak English fluently. 

In the country, while you are paying less than the western countries for your butt implant surgery, you get the best care. Some of the world-class clinics offer all-inclusive packages that cover airport transfers, accommodation, and a translator. Additionally, Turkey has a rich cultural and historical character that offers foreign patients an opportunity to have an unforgettable vacation while they are preparing for their surgery.  
İstanbul is one of the most populated and developed cities in the world which makes the city attractive for both business and health industry. Many skilled doctors come to İstanbul to pursue their career to reach more patients and gain experience which also brings a reputation. Patients who seek a successful procedure prefer İstanbul to reach the best doctors and clinics. Besides, İstanbul is popular for its unique character along with its best-quality health services. After you pick up your surgeon for your butt implant surgery, you can also plan your vacation and daily tours in the city to enjoy the beauties of İstanbul and taste its countless cuisines. 

Written on 05/02/2021


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