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What is Breast Reduction ?

What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a procedure that is performed to reduce the size of the breasts by removing the excess skin, fat, and tissue. Breast reduction is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures because there are so many women who seek surgical correction for breast disproportion. Men can also prefer reducing the size of their breasts and in that case, the operation is called gynecomastia surgery.

Women who struggle with back and neck pain, physical activity limitations, poor posture, skin rash (even eczema under the breasts), and difficulty finding clothes go for breast reduction surgeries.

A question which takes place on Yeniben's FAQ page, defines a very common problem of the users who consider this surgery: "Can breast reduction surgery relieve back and neck pain?”. Dr. Süleyman Taş replies: "After the breast reduction surgery, we remove the excess fat and tissue and this relieves back and neck pain."

How Much Does Breast Reduction Cost?

Breast reduction surgery cost may vary depending on the place where the surgery is performed and the surgeon who performs the procedure. Even though it is a plastic surgery procedure, most medical insurance companies consider breast reduction as a medically necessary procedure. If your doctor provides the necessary documents about your procedure, it is covered mostly by health insurance. The average cost of breast reduction surgery is $ 2000.

How Much Is Breast Reduction In Turkey?

Prices of breast reduction in Turkey are generally more affordable in comparison to other clinics in western countries, and sometimes even to Asian countries.

Two main factors affect the breast reduction prices: the experience level of the surgeon and the location of the health facility.

Does Medicaid Cover Breast Reduction?

Since breast reduction surgery is considered a medically necessary procedure, it is covered by Medicaid. (Medicaid is not valid outside the United States)

What Happens During Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction is a major surgery that needs to be performed under general anesthesia. After a detailed medical examination of the patient, the surgeon decides the type of the procedure because every patient's situation is different than each other. The type of procedure is shaped by the patient's demands also other than the surgeon's medical opinion.

There are two surgical techniques for the procedure: vertical breast reduction and inverted-T breast reduction.

In the first technique, which is also called lollipop breast reduction, two incisions are made: one around the areola and the second one from the bottom of the areola.

In the second technique, which is also called anchor breast reduction, an incision made around the areola connects with another vertical incision within the crease and this is very popular when to make significant size reduction.

In both techniques, the surgeon removes the excess fat, skin, and tissue and if it's necessary, removes and puts the nipple and areola in a higher position.

If the fatty tissue is more than breast tissue, the surgeon can perform also liposuction during the procedure.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Breast Reduction?

Every healthy woman who is older than 18, can get a breast reduction procedure.

Most women with large breasts who are under 18, or planning to have a baby wonder when they can undergo breast reduction surgery. Below there are some of the common questions replied by doctors.

"I'm 17 and my bra size is 95 (42). When should I have a breast reduction surgery?"

Dr.Bilgehan Çağdaş Sonbahar: You can undergo the surgery, your wounds heal within a week. We use special sutures but even then the incisions may leave a pale scar in the skin."

Dr.Süleyman Taş: "You should wait until you turn 18 for the procedure. After, your procedure would be planned in detail. Every incision leaves a scar in the skin but the scars are hardly visible. "

Women who are breastfeeding should wait for 9 months after they quit breastfeeding and then they can consider getting breast reduction surgery. If women think of having another baby, the situation must be discussed with the doctors because after some of the breast reduction surgeries, breastfeeding ability may end.

"I got a breast reduction surgery and after that, I had a baby. After every breastfeeding session, my nipples bruise."

Dr.Önder Tan: "It's normal that the nipples bruise or got pale during breastfeeding. It is ok if the nipples turn to normal after breastfeeding but if the color change is permanent, please call your doctor."

Dr.Serhat Tuncer: "The problem is not because of the surgery but because of breastfeeding."

Dr.Yücel Sarıaltın: “Milk ducts and glands can be damaged after the surgery and this can cause pain and swelling. Because of the pressure made by swelling, you can experience bruising. This has to be temporary. If not, the situation needs to be checked. "

Who Is Not A Good Candidate For Breast Reduction Surgery?

A woman

  • Under 18
  • Planning to have a baby
  • Has a suspicious lump in the breast is not recommended to have breast reduction surgery.

Recovery From Breast Reduction Surgery

After having breast reduction surgery, full recovery takes six to eight weeks.

Breast reduction recovery timeline:

  •  You should rest for 2-3 days following the procedure
  • You can turn back to work or school after a week
  • You should avoid pushing-pulling and lifting heavy items for a month
  • You should avoid any kind of coup to your breasts
  • You should avoid heavy exercises and tennis. You can prefer walking
  • You can experience loss of nipple sensation but it is temporary
  • You should wear a sports bra for 6-8 weeks

What Are The Risks And Potential Side Effects Of Breast Reduction

Bruising, swelling, and scarring are the most common side effects of breast reduction while the patients carry the typical risks of a surgery such as reaction to anesthesia, infection, or hematoma.

Other risks and side effects are:

  • Loss of sensitivity in nipples
  • Loss of breastfeeding ability
  • Asymmetrical breasts (a revision surgery may be considered)

When Can I See The Final Results?

You will feel the change right after the surgery but all the swelling and bruising will disappear in 6 months at least and then you will see your final results.

Breast Lift VS Breast Reduction

While breast reduction is a procedure that is performed to reduce the size of breasts removing the excess weight in the area, a breast lift is a completely different procedure which is reshaping the breasts by removing the excess skin to give the breasts a youthful figure.

The Advantages Of Breast Reduction Surgery In Turkey

Every year, many people visit Turkey to undergo their plastic surgery because of the doctors who have international recognition in their field and the experienced clinics which provide patients high-quality service that may include accommodation, airport transfers, and a translator. Women who choose Turkey for having their breast reduction surgery take the advantage of renowned plastic surgeons, high-tech equipped clinics, and low-cost procedures.

Thanks to government support, the health system develops increasingly in Turkey which ranks the country in the first lines in health tourism.

The Advantages Of Breast Reduction Surgery In İstanbul

While Turkey is one of the global leaders in health tourism, İstanbul is the most preferred city of the country by patients thanks to its numerous additional advantages. When you decide to have your breast reduction surgery in İstanbul, you can pick one of the best surgeons with in-depth knowledge of breast structure and who analyses the patients’ demands very successfully. In addition to the medical superiorities, the city offers cultural and historical diversity with countless places to visit. While you are arranging your breast reduction surgery, you can plan a memorable vacation in İstanbul. 

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