I'm ready for summer with this serum and Botox

Paris Shine is the perfect solution to protect our skin. I already have Botox done regularly, and such a supplement was Read More

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Me*** Berna Baygol, MD - 13.06.2022

Botox treatment cured my Bruxism (teeth grinding)

I've been suffering from teeth grinding for years. I used dental plaque before, but I did not see much benefit. I decided Read More

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Sl*** Safak Goktas, MD - 3 Comments 03.11.2021

It's been a week since I got botox treatment done by Nihal Koc

I had botox treatment done for the corners of my eyes by my doctor Nihal Koç. At the end of 1 week, there is no trace Read More

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Ye*** Nihal Koc, MD - 28.09.2021

8th day after Dysport

And I came to the 8th day after Dysport :) My forehead became completely smooth. It was a bit between the two eyebrows, but I Read More

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Du*** Bilge Ates, MD - 3 Comments 03.12.2020

3rd day after Dysport

I share the photos of the result of the Dysport as I promised. Interestingly, I observe that it acts very quickly. Look at Read More

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Du*** Bilge Ates, MD - 28.11.2020

Botox procedure in pandemic

I used to have regular botox sessions. When the pandemic period intervened, this process was interrupted and I had botox done Read More

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Du*** Bilge Ates, MD - 4 Comments 26.11.2020

I had botox treatment done by Dr. Elif Seda Keskin

Dr. Elif Seda Keskin welcomed me, we talked about what should be done and I made my decision to have Botox treatment. There Read More

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Can Zeliha Gul and my botox story

Hello :) You may also know me on my OjeBeni page :) I share cosmetics on Instagram. I was quite uncomfortable with the lines Read More

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