2 years ago
Fillers or botox, which one is better for me?

Can I get a favorable result if I only have botox without dermal fillers on the line between my eyebrows? Or should I have...

3 years ago
I have loose skin on my face, do I need surgery?

Hello. I’m bothered by the loose skin on my face, which I think botox wouldn’t work on. How can you fix it?

2 years ago
Is it the right time to have the first botox treatment?

Hello, I’m 31 years old, and I have never gotten a botox treatment before. I notice that the fine lines around my eyes...

2 years ago
I have low eyebrows, which treatment should I choose?

I have low eyebrows and it makes me feel uncomfortable. What procedure should be applied? Is there any non-surgical solution...

2 years ago
How long does botox last around the eyes?

I’m considering having botox treatment for the wrinkles around my eyes. May I ask how long its effect last in general?

3 years ago
Sensitivity and lines have occurred on my under-eyes after chemical peeling. How can I restore it?

Hello, I applied chemical peeling around my eyes, and the sensitivity and redness in the area do not go away even after 4...

3 years ago
Is Botox effective in tension headaches and spasms?

Hello. Is Botox injection effective in tension headaches and spasms?

2 years ago
Is there a permanent treatment for under-eye wrinkles?

Hello. What is the most effective treatment that you can recommend for under-eye wrinkles?

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