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Ankle Liposuction
Average Cost $ 2500
Treatment General anesthesia
Recovery Time 3 Weeks

What is Ankle Liposuction ?

Ankle liposuction is a satisfying solution for women who are not content with the thickness of their ankles. Heavy exercises and rigid diets may not be enough to have slimmer ankles. In these cases, there is only one permanent solution to reduce the thickness of the ankles: ankle liposuction.

How Much Does Ankle Liposuction Cost in Turkey?

Ankle liposuction is no different from classic liposuction. The average price of liposuction in Turkey is around $1500.

How Much Does Ankle Liposuction Cost in İstanbul?

The most crowded and developed city in the country is İstanbul. İstanbul has worldwide fame that attracts many foreign people, including the patients. Because it is popular and visited by thousands of people each year, many doctors choose İstanbul to pursue their careers. The price range of cosmetic procedures varies depending on the doctor and the health facility you choose. You pay around $1700 for ankle liposuction in İstanbul. You may find lower prices and see higher ones as well.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of an Ankle Liposuction?

Ankle reduction surgery gives you satisfying results if you are dealing with cankles. Ankle liposuction is also called cankle liposuction. Cankles define the thick ankles, and cankle liposuction is a permanent solution to get rid of cankles.


The results of ankle liposuction are permanent.
The recovery time is not too long. You can go back to your daily life in a week.


It is possible to experience irregular contours and asymmetries.
You need to maintain your weight to keep your results. Otherwise, the results of the ankle liposuction won't stay permanent.
The ankles are the lower parts of the body. Because of this, the swelling may last up to six months.

Does Ankle Liposuction Cause Any Pain?

During your ankle liposuction, you don't feel pain because the surgeons perform this procedure with general anesthesia. After your liposuction procedure, you take painkillers for the following days.

Are There Any Scars?

Sometimes liposuction incisions may not heal well. In that case, you may have scars.

What Happens During an Ankle Liposuction Procedure?

Surgeons give you general anesthesia or local anesthetics, and you don't feel any pain during the surgery. They do small incisions around your ankles or sometimes calves. Then they use a thin tube called a cannula to loosen the fats. The final stage of liposuction is suctioning the fat out of the ankles. When the surgeons finish the ankle liposuction, they carefully close the incisions and give you a compression bandage to wear for the following weeks.

What Should You Expect During Ankle Liposuction Recovery?

Ankle liposuction is not a complicated surgery. Only one week is enough to go back to normal. After six months of recovery, you can do many exercises.

Risk and Side Effects

Possible risks and side effects of ankle liposuction are:

  • bruising
  • infections
  • swelling
  • nerve damage

The Advantages Of Ankle Liposuction in Turkey?

Turkey is a popular medical tourism destination. If you decide to have ankle liposuction in Turkey, you can find skilled surgeons and world-class health facilities in many big cities like İstanbul, İzmir and Ankara. Most clinics offer free follow-up appointments, and some of them have the option to buy medical packages that contain the accommodation, airport transfers and the liposuction process.

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