23 December 2022
1 day after treatment

The right address for hair transplantation in Izmir

One week ago, I came to Izmir from Germany to visit my family and while I was searching for a good hair transplant center in Izmir, I met Newlyme. I met with Medicalhair under the guidance of Ms. Esin from Newlyme and my hair transplant was done yesterday. Both Dr. Sibel Ulusan and Dr. Zafer Ulusan are doing their job very professionally. I met with Dr. Zafer Ulusan and explained my discomfort. He talked to my doctors in Germany and got their approval. During the hair transplant, I realized that Ms. Esin guided me to the right place. Thanks to Newlyme team, Ms. Esin, Medicalhair team, Dr. Sibel Ulusan, Dr. Zafer Ulusan, I pay my respects to. Thank you for everything. It is a must-go address for those who are considering a hair transplant in Izmir.

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