31 December 2019
1 month after treatment

Thanks to Newlyme I met Esra Cabuk Comert and I had vagina whitening with a laser

Hello, I reached Dr. Esra Çabuk Cömert through Newlyme as a result of many researches.

I was very confused during this process and it was not in a situation that I could easily ask everyone, first I thought of surgical intervention and vaginoplasty, even though I was examined by two obstetricians for this. 4 people I also contacted.

Being afraid of surgical intervention, I researched the laser and got prices from several places and found Dr. Esra Comert as the most suitable and reliable. When I went, I was greeted with a very clean place and a smiling face, especially Dr. Esra Comert was very friendly and sincere. She informed me and gave clear answers to the questions I asked and I had laser vaginoplasty whitening and PRP application.

​​​​​​​Laser vaginoplasty was painless and simple. During the PRP application, I had difficulty injecting the needle, but the whitening operation was a bit painful, and my pain decreased in half an hour with just one painkiller.

After 2 hours, I went for a walk in the mall. I haven't had any problems for now, but I think it's too early to get the results yet. I can give you information about that in 10 days.

It is very important to enlighten the people who are in my situation, I can inform by explaining the process I went through. The procedures will last 3 sessions with 3 weeks intervals, and then I will write the result.​​​​​​​

Treatment Provider
Esra Cabuk Comert, MD Gynecology
Review Thank you very much to the team, and it is good that you have reached me and I hope Dr. Esra as I hope the result will be
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