26 February 2022
The day of the treatment

The best and most caring rhinoplasty doctor ever!

I love how she works, she really knows what she is doing and how she can make her patient happy. She is very caring and talented in her work, you can tell her everything and she will do her best to keep you happy.

I'm so happy with the result that she gave me. I didn’t even have pain or anything like that.

The moment that she saw me, she told me what she can do for me and what my nose will look like, I didn’t tell her anything and she already saw and told me how the final result will be.

If you are scared she will take all the time to make you feel good. Dr. Ebru Topuz is very perfect and talented in her work! I'm so blessed that she did my rhinoplasty, thanks to you dear Dr. Ebru!

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