31 December 2021

I had Dr. Caghan had breast augmentation, non surgical face lift, filler and botox.

For quite some time, we are with Dr. Caghan Baytekin and his team. So far, I have had Mr. Caghan breast augmentation, non surgical face lift, filler, and botox. From the smallest treatment to the largest operation, I was very satisfied with every single procedure.

In addition, he is a very honest doctor, there were some treatment that he did not do despite my insistence. That's why I have absolute confidence in him.

We women are hesitant to give advice when it comes to beauty, but for me, it's the opposite. I'm like a walking window. I would recommend Dr. Caghan to everyone.


Ca*** 27 April 2022  

Thank you very much for these nice comments. With love :)

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