24 June 2022
2 months after treatment

Dr. Suleyman Tas and my comfortable rhinoplasty

I travelled from the UK for primary rhinoplasty and chin fat injections with Dr Suleyman Tas. My whole experience has been amazing, the care from the doctor and also everyone at the clinic has been incredible. All of my worries and concerns were listened to and addressed, and my stay was made very comfortable with arranged transfer. I was able to communicate with the team daily with any questions. I was a difficult case but the result has been unbelievable and I am so happy with my result. I am 10 days post op and have attached my before and after photos.


Ly*** 11 January 2023  

I do not share the same experience, but rather have a botched nose. Even though I explained my preferences on what I wanted for my nose related to tip, dorsum, radix and alar, Dr Tas did a nose that was exactly OPPOSITE to my wishes. Currently I am left with a deprojected, flat nose with a pinched tip. There was no communication whatsoever from his part that my wishes could not be achieved. Honestly I think he experimented on me for one of his research papers, since he completely disregarded what was agreed upon during consultation. Completely disrespectful and unethical to ruin someones life like this.

Treatment Provider
Suleyman Tas, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review I highly recommend if you are considering rhinoplasty, to consider Dr Suleyman Tas
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