18 August 2021
1 month after treatment

Clinic Expert = Excellent Satisfaction

I was doing research on the internet like everyone else and I came across ClinicExpert and called it. I came across Ms. Zelal. She was so sweet and she patiently answered all my questions no matter what time of the night, on weekdays, or weekends, she answered instantly. It was good, but it made me a little nervous🙃 I wonder if it's an underground place? Are they scammers? I had such doubts. But Ms. Zelal was also comforting me and I decided to go to see them. I was greeted very nicely both at the airport, at the hospital, and at the hotel. There was a nurse who took care of me so much that I forgot her name but she always called me honey😋 if she reads from here, I send her my love too 🥰 Not a single man stepped into my room after the surgery just because I wanted a female doctor and this was a proof for me that my opinions were respected.Of course, not everybody is the same after the procedure. I had a lot of swelling and a little bit of anemia, so my recovery was late and a little painful. Or I was coy because I was afraid something would happen. I'm not an overweight person, I just have big hips, which is a common problem for Turkish women. The result was really noticeable for me too. It still makes a difference day by day and I am very happy. Thank you my doctor Ms. Sinem and of course, Ms. Zelal, who put me at ease and convinced me. I would like to thank everyone individually.

Treatment Provider
ClinicExpert Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review My dear doctor is a very good, very sweet Doctor. By the way, if I had called Sinem Sıngın's name for her approach, speech, effort not to hurt, and sincere speech, I swear it would not have come across like this. Also, thank you for her effort. I have always traveled with these butts until today, you are weak in every environment, but you have a butt, you have saved me from the times when I was overwhelmed with your words. And most importantly, it caught my attention that, trust your doctor, tell her what you want, and entrust yourself to her hands. We want it to be like this or that model, but that type, that model may not be suitable for us and maybe makeshift. So, say what you want, but don't ignore your doctor's advice. I did so and was satisfied. Thank you Dr. Sinem
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