25 September 2019
1 day after treatment

In my sleeve gastrectomy adventure, I found my doctor from Newlyme! :)

For many years, my weight problem has been many times, I have not been able to lose weight even though I have tried diet and sports. Although I have a blood pressure problem, it has been a big factor in my decision to make surgery, but this time, my doctor Cem Arslan from Newlyme.net found.

I made a preliminary interview appointment with him. The day I went, I already understood how accurately I made a choice with the knowledge and interest of the teacher.

I bought my surgery date for 25.09.2019 and I'm very excited.

I will keep you informed of all the developments from here.

01 October 2019
1 week after treatment

If this decision is a new page then I should have gone to the operation

Because I believed and I was in safe hands, I had no doubts that Dr. Cem and his team were great, I understood this very clearly before the operation.

The managers of the hospital came to my room because we were wondering if there was a positive sweet woman here :) And the moment came. I was taken into surgery. I had a little pain when I woke up, the room was very normal. I felt myself even more with the serum and added pain relievers. In the following hours, I got up and walked and said hello to my new life.

After staying for 2 days at the hospital, a colored liquid was drunk and the condition of my stomach and sutures were checked for any leaks, thankfully everything was fine and I was discharged.

01 October 2019
1 week after treatment

Day 6 of my sleeve gastrectomy surgery

Today is the 6th day of my surgery. I did my 30-minute walk. I came. I feel super. I have a checkup on October 3rd. I'm very excited. For now I'm fed with protein powder and soup and I'm happy...

03 October 2019
1 week after treatment

Today's been a week. I've already lost 6 pounds :))

It's been a week today. Let me go back briefly if you wish. After a childhood that was not very chubby, I spent years continuing to be overweight and then obese. It is seriously frustrating not being able to lose weight despite constant diets, weight loss drugs, acupuncture and even sports. Actually, it's not just not being able to give, it's always giving and getting more back. My fear of surgery caused me to constantly prevent this operation. Believe me, I've talked to many doctors. But we are all looking for the confidence of being in the right hands, right?

Then I met newben.com thanks to my friend. Their interests are truly amazing. They are great at choosing the right doctor. Believe me, the motivation and knowledge they give during this process gives people the confidence they are looking for. Thanks to them, I found my doctor, Cem Aslan Bey, who touched my life with his magic fingers.He motivated and informed me so well that the entire process of the surgery was completed within a month. And on the day of the surgery, I went into surgery, believe me. Post-operative pain was almost gone.

Of course, the first day is a little difficult. But believe me it's all worth it.It is a wonderful feeling that my doctor gives support for a week, and every time I call his phone, he always answers your questions patiently but with a smiling face.

Just be curious about my pre-surgery weight. But as we get closer to the change, of course, I will inform you here. I can happily say it's a week today and I've already lost 6lbs without vomiting, pain or any other problems. :))

I have the news :) keep following. Thank you​​​​​​​

29 November 2019
2 months after treatment

2 months passed 20 kilos gone

2 months passed, 20 kilos lost

Treatment Provider
Cem Arslan, MD General Surgery
Review I was very interested when I went to the preliminary interview, I hope my surgery will be good.
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