24 March 2017
5 months after treatment

I wasn't happy with my nose tip but now I have a great nose

My problem was a low nose tip. He was bothering me the most. I also had a slightly bony nose. I researched the doctors a lot by asking my friends who had an aesthetic operations. My friend said that you should go to  Dr. Ergin Er because he was very satisfied. Later, I made an appointment for my nose surgery and went to check-up, the doctor first took my photos and then transferred them to a screen. Here is the result after the operation:


La*** 18 January 2018  

My nose surgery in 2010, Dr. Egin Er made, did not. Six months later he did a restraining operation, and he didn't. Just stay away. There's a good suru surgeon at work, I don't recommend.

Treatment Provider
Ergin Er, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review “If you are considering nose surgery, Anatomica Hospital I strongly recommend Ergin Er. ”
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