19 July 2022
3 weeks after treatment

My Lipoedema treatment and Dr. Yener Demirtas is a wonderful man who has changed my life!

Where do I begin I went to Turkey in April to get liposuction with clinic centre met the most awful surgeon he didn’t spot I had Lipedema! So I didn’t use him.

Lucky for me at the hotel I met a lady who had just had lipodema surgery with dr demirtas. So when I got back to the uk a spoke to him. We arranged a date for surgery I met with his lovely pa to have my hospital test then dr demirtas. I had surgery on the 28th June I didn’t cope well with the anaesthetic but dr dealt with it even at 3 15 in the morning he spoke to me!

The hospital is the best I have ever been in and the nurses were super amazing! I don’t know else to say apart from the man is a Genius!😀

Treatment Provider
Yener Demirtas, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
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