30 January 2019
1 week after treatment

My greatest luck in life is to meet a valuable doctor like Serdar Yuce.

He is a unique doctor who loves his job, is successful, modest, patient, smiling, compassionate, knows the psychology of the patient very well and is extremely concerned at every stage of the surgery process. No matter what I say, words will be insufficient. Anyone who falls for him is very lucky. If you're going to have a rhinoplasty, I can say don't decide before you see Dr. Serdar.


Ca*** 19 June 2019  

Hello, how long have you been to surgery and in which hospital you have to have surgery?

Treatment Provider
Serdar Yuce, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review I am very lucky, if you are going to have rhinoplasty, do not decide without seeing Dr. Serdar
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