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30 November 2021
5 months after treatment

My experience about glutathione therapy with Okan Balciogglu MD

After reading your article, the treatment Glutathione" take my attention and  I started to look for a doctor. Right in the moment I was in Bodrum, where I was temporarily due to the pandemic, we knocked on the door of Dr Okan Balcıoğlu's clinic with my mother.  I am 47, my mother is 70 years old and naturally we are very afraid of Covid 19.

 Although our general health is good, we start the day tired, get tired quickly during the day, we were both smoking and hope we look a few years younger…We have a kong list full of questions; will we be able to get rid of our skin spots, will we be able to lose weight, etc. 

We thought that one session would be enough for the miraculous change but we were wrong, it was a package treatment program.  At least 5 sessions are required to get effective results.  Since we set out, we said let's go and get our healing and we made our first appointment on the same day.  

Vascular access was opened, serums were inserted, my mother was in one patient's chair and I was in the other, accompanied by soft music and a sterile environment, we took our glutathione.

Vascular access is a serious case, from this stage to the preparation of glutathione, from the insertion of the serum to the removal of the needle, Dr. Okan  did all the processes himself.  This is important because he also has assistants, but Dr. Okan never leaves the responsibility to someone else.  I think the people who will have it done should be careful that this treatment is done by the doctor.

There was no miraculous change after the first session.  We tought that the money is gone :) It turns out that the secret starts after the second session.  Treatment is scheduled at intervals of 2-3 days.  After the 2nd session, I observed a clear energy increase in myself, my resistance to sleep has gone, which developed with the pandemic, I started to sleep just like a baby, even it had an interesting and unwritten effect on me.  After each session, I found myself laughing, in a state of happiness, as relieved as someone tickling me.

Were we getting younger?  I don't know but I can say there is a slight fading on the blemishes.  We did not lose weight instead we gained it, but this may be because of my eating disorder.  Did it make me feel very healthy and energetic?  Definitely yes.  Am i sick?  No.  I also have a dust allergy problem (the cortisone drugs that I had to take are the cause of the weight problem) Did it have an effect on the allergy?  Relatively yes.  I haven't used drugs for about 3-4 months, I haven't had an attack...

 Let's come to the effects on my mother;  Her energy surge also happened in her, I witnessed her skin glow with my own eyes.  She did not experience any weight gain, I can even say that she looks much fitter.  After all, we loved this glutathione treatment. 

Footnote: I received another single dose treatment 2 days ago in a private hospital.  I feel much higher energy today.  So I said it wasn't a coincidence :)

Treatment Provider
Okan Balcioglu, MD Anesthesiology & Reanimation
Review Dr. Okan Balcıoğlu is a positive communicator, smiling and caring doctor. He patiently answered all of our questions and allowed us to have a calm and comfortable process. I recommend him wholeheartedly to those who want to get glutathione treatment in Muğla Bodrum.
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