08 May 2018
1 year after treatment

I was very satisfied with the first session of Hydrafacial.

I first recognized Hydrafacial during my visit to my aunt in America. Hydrafacial skin care device, which is very famous in USA, is not well known in our country. I just started to see ads on the new internet. Many clinics have acquired Hydrafacial and have started to serve.

One of the most important problems of working women is inadequate time. Especially if you are married, there are so many jobs in a limited time. Especially if we have the experience to turn our hormonal balance, such as pregnancy, we lose our baby skin.

Hydrafacial is actually a product that we are looking for. A really great tool, especially for someone whose skin is mixed like me and filled with acne spots. Approximately 40 minutes in the face of the sessions during which your skin is included in the type of skin and according to your complaints are applied. With laser technology, these solutions are fed to your skin and the session is completed.

That's how I learned that my aunt has 60 years of age and has such babyish skin. I think it must be Hydrafacial. After he returned to Turkey and made short research I could not find Hydrafacial sit close to the ground in the neighborhood that I shelved my plan; I learned that this device is in Esstanbul Beauty Center.

I usually keep my eyes closed when I'm dealing with my face. I continued this ritual during the Hydrafacial application. I was very surprised to look in the mirror to look at my face after the necessary cleaning was done. How could I not believe that I could have a smooth, soft and changed face in such a short time?

My acne spots were visibly reduced. My black spots disappeared completely. Since I was very busy at the moment, I took the second session 15 days later. I will share the developments with you. I can say that I had a very good result for the first session. Especially the biggest secret of working women

I strongly recommend you to meet Hydrafacial. No face care kit I've used so far has made such an impressive impression.

Treatment Provider
Osman Senel, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review I had it done at Esstanbul Beauty Center and I am very satisfied.
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