13 February 2018
5 years after treatment

My Rhinoplasty Review: It's been five years and I'm glad I did this

I was 21 when I wanted to have a rhinoplasty. So the decision wasn't just mine. I had to find a good doctor and convince my parents to use my problem of not breathing. Since I had used the nasal spray for many years, I was in a terrible condition, so the doctor who would perform my nose had to be a micro-surgeon; a good plastic surgeon.

While I was researching the plastic surgeon with these thoughts, I met Doctor Ayaz Aslan on the occasion of a friend. After the first check, we decided not to have surgery. I had a belt on my nose was not very uncomfortable, but I couldn't understand how hard my statement was without surgery.

And after the surgery, I was shocked when I got out of my nose in a small jar; I couldn't breathe. Five years have passed since my operation; And I still think of it because I did that. When you find the right doctor and the right solution, both people always feel healthy. Small note: I haven't used nasal spray for 5 years :)

Treatment Provider
Ayaz Aslan, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review My doctor is a doctor who listens to me very well and puts me at ease. It doesn't affect you at all while making a decision, it just listens.
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