08 February 2018
9 months after treatment

I'm 32 years old, I don't have children, I've had a breast reduction and uplift operation

I had a saline implant placed about 10 years ago, and I realized that my breasts started to sag. After I had removed it, it became thickened and turned into asymmetrical and swaying tits.

For years I wanted to shrink my breasts and I wanted to be able to breastfeed, I waited for the breastfeeding.

The difference is unclear. I hope I look better when it's recover. I also share my photos before and after 1 month.

06 February 2018
9 months after treatment

Research and communication phase

I started to research a good doctor in Turkey from the Internet. I was very impressed with the first experience and comment that I read. He is a plastic surgeon based in Istanbul, Turkey, where patients from different parts of the world speak with good comments.

I sent an e-mail. Then contact was made. The patient coordinator was very helpful. He was interested in every subject, such as making reservations for May, booking tickets, and bookings.

I met my doctor in May. There was a lot I wanted to know. He was really honest about what can and cannot be done.

The photo I attached was the shape of the breast that I wished myself to be from my doctor. When I say this, my doctor said he could do better.

06 February 2018
9 months after treatment

After 1 week my breasts looked very good

I write a week after the surgery: My breasts look very good. I can see what they're going to be like.

I also had a problem with my groin area. It is very difficult for me to lose weight because of a problem with my hormones.

There is lubrication towards the abdominal cavity that causes the crotch area to become swollen. I feel I have to wear big sweaters all the time to keep that area. This automatically causes me to appear larger.

My doctor said he could only do liposuction on one of the three layers here. I don't know how the result of the procedure was done yet, because I still have bumps. The difference is unclear. I hope I look better when it's recovered.

Treatment Provider
Metin Kerem, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review Very professional very honest.
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