20 April 2022
2 weeks after treatment

I had a perfect combined surgery with Dr. Caghan and his wonderful team

On April 5, 2022, I had a combined surgery on breast augmentation, eyelid aesthetics, and the excess in my legs. Dr. Caghan and his wonderful team have been so caring and attentive from the first moment we met, they gave satisfactory and reassuring answers to every question I asked, and I left myself in the experienced and perfect hands of Dr. Caghan with peace of mind. I'm glad I did, everything went so easily, I couldn't believe it. For example, since I was discharged the next day, I did not need a pain reliever even once. I used my car on the way to the control 3 days later. Now I understand why the whole team has warned me frequently from the very first moment, "Please remember that you have had surgery". Because I really forgot from time to time. Moreover, Dr. Caghan and the whole team are very meticulous and careful in the controls after the surgery. Thank you very much for everything for making me feel always by my side in the planning of my operations before and after. I am grateful to the whole team, especially Dr. Caghan, Gulay Nurse, and Tugba, thanks to them, I am happier with myself when I look in the mirror. When you meet, you will understand me better with this wonderful team.


Ca*** 27 April 2022  

Thank you very much for these nice comments. With love :)

Treatment Provider
Caghan Baytekin, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review Dr. Caghan is an experienced doctor who has a high aesthetic sense, cares about what you want, is interested and plans every step perfectly.
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