08 June 2018
4 weeks after treatment

I Had Vaginoplasty and I Wanted to Recommend My Doctor to You

Before the summer holiday in Ankara, I went to the doctor's office of Ilhami the doctor, who was an expert and recommended by my environment.

I was ready for the summer after 40 minutes of operation. I don't know if I've been to the inspiring gentleman between us before, but I'm very pleased with it.



Bu*** 18 June 2018  

Hello Mrs. Zeynep. It lasted for about 40-45 minutes, maybe there was no bleeding after less procedure and I had very little pain, and it passed in a short time. After the procedure, the results were given, I rested for a short time and I was able to get up and walk immediately and continued my normal life. thank you :)

Treatment Provider
Ilhami Atilgan, MD Gynecology
Review a very friendly and gentleman. thanks
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