10 July 2021
The day of the treatment

I got Synmastya after the breast implant surgery by Dr. Burak Kayan

Dr. Resit Burak Kayan gave me SYNMASTYA  the rearest and most difficult complication to fix. My story is long and difficult. I’ve had my breast augmentation on 5th of April 2021. On the consultation prior surgery I was suggested 350cc as ideal for me. I chose an anatomical implants and asked for the smallest implants possible as I didn’t expect to go so big.

After in my room I also texted them to consider smaller implants as I don’t want bug breast . Spoke to a doctor again just before the surgery room he said it won’t look big and I trusted him . When I woke up after surgery the nurse brought me implant passport for 280 cc. When I arrived to the hotel I tried to register implants on motiva website and it wouldn’t work. I texted them again. They said that the second number is one digit less and they already through away the boxes and stickers .

So on my last day in Turkey I went for a check up and they told me everything is great . Came back to a hotel and his assistant called me to inform me that they found my implants passport (for 325cc) and someone made a mistake giving me a wrong passport. They said they will ship it to me as I was already leaving. At this point I don’t even know which implants I have. I never received the passport. At one most post op I was supposed to take of my post surgery corset bra and I couldn’t even for 30 min was too painful.

At 1,5 month I started having horrible pains and I informed the doctor who guaranteed everything is fine and it’s normal . Pain was so bad that I couldn’t get off the bed my self and started taking painkillers again . Shortly after that I came home from work took my tshirt off and saw my skin lifted up in between my breast . I panicked and contacted them again as it’s painful and this happened.  Once again they keep telling me there is nothing to worry about and it’s all normal . Without explaining to me what it is and why it happened. At that point I asked them of possibility of synmastya they assured me it’s not possible with anatomical implants and I should wait a year for it to settle .

It keeps getting worse so I had a consultation with a few different doctors and I found out there is a high chance I have synmastya. I booked an mri.

Asked the assistant what if it doesn’t settle ? She answered then you come back again .I still had hope everything will be fine but… My mri results confirmed . I sent my mri and the report with a results to the doc, he still wouldn’t admit his mistake and told me that the implant has possibly turned that’s what caused it to look like this even tho the official report from mri says synmastya and my muscles are not attached to the bone (they ripped off ) . Says nothing about implants turning I’m sure mri whould show .

They offered me to fly back to Turkey in October so they do their own tests and find a solution. But I can’t trust they to give me a revision as it’s a very difficult thing . Also first time I came in with perfectly normal breast for a simple and most common plastic surgery and ended up having the worse complication possible. He agree to compensate said he’d prepared a contract then changed his mind and decided to make me and my new doctor to sign the contract and he would do the return only to the doctor on a surgery day .

So please BE AWARE WHO YOU ARE CHOOSING FOR SURGERY. I get it every human makes mistakes. But stay a human fixing what you have done .  I was polite the whole time in conversations with them and they just kept telling everything is fine until I had to make an mri on my decision. They suggested doing an ultrasound at 6 month . Ultrasound doesn’t show synmastya.

Treatment Provider
Resit Burak Kayan, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
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