17 August 2017
7 years after treatment

I did something and my life changed.

I had serious problems with my nose. At night, my nose was so stuffy, that I usually had to open my mouth while I was sleeping. In the morning I was getting my throat drooled, so I had to drink a lot of water at night. He couldn't dive in the sea, and my head hurt like a blast by 1 meter. I had chronic headaches, especially at weekends, from morning to evening. When I tilted my head, my sinuses hurt, as if someone was punching my forehead. When I saw someone who suffered from this nuisance, I said, "Let's go have surgery together," but I couldn't find myself. I learned that my close friend Yılmaz will be operated and I followed the operation process carefully. I didn't have a problem. Immediately I decided to be the same and I took my appointment with the doctor who operated Yilmaz. :))

Treatment Provider
Rahmi Ozcelep, MD Otolaryngologist
Review I was in front of the doctor, and I said, "I'm gonna need surgery." The doctor rightly said, "Wait, let me decide." He examined me and said, "You need surgery." I think it's up to me to say this, but I'd like to point out: our doctor is competent. He gave a lot of confidence, especially when talking about surgery. My friend was a live example in front of me.
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