15 February 2021
2 months after treatment

I came from Germany, I had 4 operations and they were all very good

I came from Germany to meet with Dr. Hakan. When I went to the first meeting, he informed me in detail about the process. He paid attention to many details that I had not thought of.

I was complaining about my nose's appearance, but I had a health problem that I was not aware of. I had 4 combined operations and I went to the operation without my companion, but both the hospital and Dr. Hakan's team took good care of me.

After the operation, I understood the health problem in my nose that Dr. Hakan was talking about. There was a decrease in both my breathing and pain.

Those who see me after the surgery say that I am both beautiful and younger, and this makes me very happy.

In addition to rhinoplasty, breast lift, arm and leg liposuction were performed and everything is fine with them too.

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