16 March 2018
11 months after treatment

My sixth month is over and I love my nose

Hello, when Mr. Burak asked me for such an article, I wanted it to be a little informative. He gave me very positive energy when I went for the pre-examination, he was not one of the nose-up doctors who don't even look at your face. After we planned the date of my surgery, I had another examination. In this examination, he showed me all the options that can be done to my nose with photoshop and sincerely told me about the risks. I literally gave him a headache as the swelling continued after the operation: I texted him day and night about all my problems, but he answered all of them sincerely. Now my 6th month is over and I love my nose, thank you, Mr. Burak. Guys, don’t forget that this surgery is a process and does not end with the procedure. I would like to thank my doctor for his constant support during this process.

Treatment Provider
Resit Burak Kayan, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review I would like to thank Dr. Burak again.
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