21 December 2021
3 weeks after treatment

Hair transplant in Turkey

Having a hair transplant in the USA is expensive and does not have the expertise that Turkey is known for. As a hair transplantation technique, I preferred the FUE hair method, which is less costly than the new DHI method, and I think it is at least as effective as the FUE method, although a little more improvement is needed in about a few days.

Note that two prices are offered for both procedures: "Shaved head" and "Unshaved head", Shaved head is a cheaper cost, but I believe it is more sanitary. While it heals, the unshaven method looks better (you keep your normal hair) but I believe it is the best way to remove all hair and is cheaper and more sanitary without sacrificing quality to allow doctors to create a clean foundation for the hair procedure.

Ultimately, the number of hair grafts you need will determine the final cost. I recommend that you come to Turkey 3-4 days early to visit this beautiful country before your hair transplant. For extra nights, if you wish, they will arrange all transportation and hotel accommodation for you, and they will pick you up from the airport and take you to your hair transplant.

It's only been a week since my procedure and my current recovery is fine. I haven't had any issues or side effects and my scalp and hair are recovering and growing properly. The clinic will follow my hair process for a year to ensure my hair grows well. I hope this review helps many of you.

I would like to especially thank Serpil Kargın, the director of the Adem and Havva Hair Clinic Office, and our driver, Zafer Bey, who was very kind to all my transportation and covid test needs for my return to America.

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