06 January 2022

Positive and useful information process I experienced with Newlyme and Emphair clinic during the hair transplant information process

I am writing from Kosovo. I accidentally saw the Newlyme platform while researching to get information about hair transplantation. And I am very satisfied with the newlyme.net platform. They offered me a clinic, and it wasn't just a suggestion, they followed the process and showed interest.

They suggested a few clinics, said they would offer another option if not. But they were no intermediaries, so there was no direction. I contacted the clinic they recommended me...

First of all, thank you very much for your interest and relevance to newlyme.net. I can say that they are very helpful. Before contacting them, I contacted many clinics to get information and prices. After they recommended Emphair Clinic to me, my thoughts changed because it was the clinic that helped most clearly and honestly.

We talked, agreed on terms, and a price was determined that although they give higher prices than other clinics, the trust they gave was more important to me and I will use my decision in favor of Emphair clinic. While talking to them alone, I said that I have a small fat gland on my head. I said I wanted to have it removed. They said that I should have had it removed at least 1 month before the hair transplant.

They didn't necessarily see me as a customer by directing me to a hair transplant. I am currently trying to set up that process. Other clinics I talked to said that you can have the fat gland removed in the future, it does not prevent hair transplantation, but if it does not bother you, do not mind, but some said that we will not do hair transplantation in that area, moreover, some, but not all, asked me to pay half of the fee by giving an IBAN.

However, Emphair asked for a very small amount as a deposit, which is quite natural for them to want since the appointment was made 10 days before. The clearest and clearest clinic I talked about was the Emphair Clinic, which I contacted through newlyme.net.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Emphair Clinic for the information they gave them, the seriousness of their feedback, the fact that the doctors did not see me as a customer, the answer they gave to every question I had in contact, and the general confidence I received. I don't want to take the responsibility of recommending it to everyone, but frankly, I felt the need to express their sincere experiences...


Ce*** 26 January 2022  

Thank you for this honest and informative review. I just wonder if you had the surgery now and do you satisfied with the result?

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