23 April 2022
The day of the treatment

Great Doctor Great Team

I have been continuing Dr. Caghan Bey for exactly 10 years. I have never seen a doctor who loves his profession so much. He never performs any procedure or treatment that he thinks will not suit or benefit his patient. With his humble and sincere approach, he first listens to the expectation and complaints of the person and explains each stage clearly. I would definitely recommend it. A very talented surgeon ….the successful treatments and procedures he has come up with come before making money. I am glad you chose this profession and I am glad to have you.


Ca*** 27 April 2022  

Thank you very much for your nice comments. Best regards :)

Treatment Provider
Caghan Baytekin, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review When you enter the Baytekin Clinic, you are first welcomed warmly. You have a team that takes care of each and every transaction with patience at every stage. Especially dear Tuğba's sincere, patient and professional approach helps you find answers.
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