06 May 2021
3 weeks after treatment

I got rid of obesity thanks to sleeve gastrectomy surgery

I have been struggling with obesity since 2010. I lost weight even though I did diet and sports many times, but I was not successful. I bought a treadmill, but it did not work. In 2016, I decided to have sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

In 2019, I went to Adana City Hospital Obesity Polyclinic. I continued for 1 year. I lost 22 kilos, the pandemic started, I had to quit, I gained weight again, I met with Dr. Fatih Akgündüz in February 2021 at the recommendation of a relative.

I had a sleeve gastrectomy surgery on April 12, thank you very much.


Ha*** 12 May 2021  

Is it possible to share the before and after photo? Also, did SGK meet your surgery?

Treatment Provider
Fatih Akgunduz, MD General Surgery
Review Thanks to my doctor, I am very happy with the result.
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