29 November 2018
3 months after treatment

Under-eye light filling in spite of those who said I looked exhausted

For a long time, I did research on sunken under-eyes. Especially as the age went on, people's words such as "What's wrong with you, are you tired or you look exhausted?" bothered me a lot. The dermatologist I went to, Dr. Evren Gökeşme, said that light filling may be suitable for my under-eyes and I trusted him. Before the procedure, the markings were made to plan the points to be treated. You may feel a little pain during the procedure. After the treatment, I wanted to meet with my friends right away. They were also surprised. It was like a relief on my face. I'm thrilled with the result. I got rid of that under-eye bag for at least a year now. By the way, there was a slight swelling but when it went down after a while, I got a much better appearance.

Treatment Provider
Evren Gokesme, MD Dermatology
Review He is a very experienced doctor himself.
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