03 April 2018
1 year after treatment

Eye Under Light Fill Experience -Dr. Gokhan

When I spent a lot of time in Instagram, I noticed that I was neglecting my blog. Since I have a lot to write, I always go into snooze mode and I'm free. Let's run to the cloak! Anyway, I'd like to tell you today about the under-eye light fill I made about a month ago. Allergic reactions, alcoholic beverages, hospitalization position (such as lying on your abdomen) or sleep disorders are the factors that increase this condition. My situation is more genetic, unfortunately. I've made this application for myself as a result of the idea that maybe I share. I do not make a sanction to make you do not make such a problem before you do if you have this kind of problem google search also read the comments of other builders say I say so ..

Treatment Provider
Gokhan Haytoglu, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review Dr Gokhan said that he used both methods and that he chose one of them by looking at the patient. For this reason, do it to me with a cannula or do it with a needle instead of leaving the job to the most accurate ..
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