10 March 2021
1 month after treatment

Every stage of the hair transplantation process was very good

After I decided to have a hair transplant, I started doing research. They said that my head would swell and my heart would hurt because everyone generally approached me with prejudice. After long research, I chose Emphair. Because they don't plant for bread like other places, they check everything, they draw, and they get blood tested. The thing everyone fears most is needles, but they don't hurt at all, my life is normally very sweet. During October, I chatted, watched TV, and played games on my phone. The whole team is very humble and very sympathetic, their attention, care, meticulousness, and hygiene are very good. I would recommend Emphair to anyone considering a hair transplant. After October, my first 2 days were spent lying down. On the 3rd day, I came for the first wash. After washing, they call every day to check the progress and invite them to their clinic for general control. I was satisfied with every step of the process.

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