28 February 2022
13 years after treatment

Dr. Ebru Topuz is one of the best surgeons

Before I met Dr. Ebru Topuz, I talked to many doctors and explained my complaints. But other doctors gave information about the aesthetic aspect of the job rather than my complaints.

When I went to meet with Dr. Ebru, I first talked about my complaints, she did a detailed examination to understand why the problems were caused. My nose is closed due to the left curvature of the nasal bone, cartilage and nasal flesh swelling. This was preventing me from breathing.

My doctor told me what to do. I also stated that I wanted a natural nose that would suit my face in terms of aesthetics.

After the surgery, I have a natural-looking nose that breathes more easily. It doesn't even seem like I had a nose job. Thank you once again to Dr. Ebru Topuz for everything.

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