24 May 2018
1 year after treatment

My rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Emre Ilhan

I wanted to change the shape of my nose since I was 19 years old. And I decided to have Rhinoplasty surgery in Istanbul. I didn't want it in Sweden because the doctors here have less experience in my country.

I wanted to choose the person who performs the best rhinoplasty surgery in Istanbul. I didn't like the look of my nose. It was a little bent and swollen. I wanted to rasp the tip of my nose. I researched on the Internet and read a lot. I threw a mile from Istanbul to the clinic. I also followed on social media. The most important thing is my doctor makes a personal nose

I reached Dr. Emre İlhan and liked every nose he made. He was the only surgeon that impressed me and I am very happy with my choice. He doesn't use traditional methods. He does his surgery with a new technique called ultrasonic, so that the vessels and cartilage tissue are not damaged. So there is very little swelling and bruising.


Oz*** 05 December 2022  

You only share positive posts.

24 May 2018
1 year after treatment

14 days after the rhinoplasty

Here are photos from the 14th day. There is still swelling. In the meantime, you can ask what you want. I love my nose. It is getting better day by day. It is still swollen that is very normal but it will descend.

My doctor did a really good job. I have not seen the result in online simulation.

I had 3 meetings before the operation. This means that you have to stay in Istanbul for about 2 weeks. You can share your ideas in the first meeting. The second consultation was with the surgery nurse, and I received all the details of the period before and after it. In the third consultation, Dr. Emre İlhan takes your photo and simulates and you have a chance to talk more about the nose you want before the surgery.


Ha*** 21 June 2021  

what if i want to have rhinoplasty but i want to be in istanbul do i have to be with the doctor after i have rhinoplasty

24 May 2018
1 year after treatment

Front view after the operation and both sides

I am very pleased with my new nose, here is the view from the front and from both sides. I had no complications after the operation. I can smell and breathe very comfortably. He did a very good job. Thanks a lot to him 



De*** 24 May 2018  

Is it possible to share more photos?

Treatment Provider
Emre Ilhan, MD Otolaryngologist
Review When I went to the first meeting, I felt very safe. He is very professional and answered all my questions honestly.<br /> His team was very good and they took good care of me. I knew I was in safe hands. He has been doing very beautiful noses for 5 years and every time I went to the waiting room I saw that it was full.<br /> I have no complaints. I think he is the best in the world and also very popular.
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