29 July 2021
2 months after treatment

Breast lift surgery was performed by Mehmet Oztan and the result is great

After researching a doctor for 2 years, I decided to meet with Dr. Mehmet Oztan. When I went to meet with DR. Mehmet for the first time, I was a little embarrassed, but thanks to his assistant, he put me at ease. During the interview, Mehmet Bey answered all the questions I asked tirelessly. He never let the slightest question mark remain in my mind. This behavior also increased my trust in him 2 times. I had no problems after the surgery. After 4 hours I started walking. Afterward, I did not have severe pain or any problem with the movement of my arms. If you stay in the hospital on the day of the operation, I did not have a companion, I did everything myself. From here, you can understand both how experienced a doctor he is and how light his hand is. The result was exactly what I wanted. So I am very happy and thank my doctor very much.

Treatment Provider
Mehmet Oztan, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
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