01 May 2017
1 year after treatment

My botox and under-eye filler experience with Dr. Seyfi Akbay

Last week, I shared a photo of me on Instagram and said, "I wonder what I've done?" I asked. There was everything from lip filler to prominent ear surgery in the comments received :)) I waited a week to write what I had done that day so that Botox would settle down.

In the meantime, breastfeeding and pregnant mothers should have stopped breastfeeding in order to have such procedures, because it has not yet been investigated whether Botox is mixed with breast milk. I had it done after I finished the breastfeeding process.

After giving birth, insomnia and tiredness were at the highest level, so I had pits under my eyes and this image made me look very tired.

With age and genetic factors, the lines around my eyes and between the eyebrows were too much. I made an appointment with Seyfi Akbay, where many of my friends were very pleased with both plastic surgery and Botox procedures.

Botox showed its effect after about 3-4 days, but I waited for 1 week to photograph it so that we can see its full effect clearly.

Treatment Provider
Seyfi Akbay, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review I was very pleased with Seyfi Akbay, whom many of my friends were very satisfied for both aesthetic surgery and botox procedures.
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