30 May 2018
2 months before treatment

An amazing change with Rhinoplasty

I've hated my nose since I was a kid. It was too much trouble for me. I knew I'd be undergoing surgery to change his appearance and shape.

1 month ago We had a short interview with Dr. Özge Ergün and we planned our surgery: the nose belt, the shape and the nose tip aesthetics.

I woke up without any pain after the operation. Breathing wasn't that bad, and bleeding wasn't what I'd read before, not much. Generally, it was easy. His shape was exactly what I wanted.

Now, I can see 70% of the final result, but of course, I have to wait a year to see the final version. For now it looks incredibly beautiful and changed my life so much in this situation.

Thank you very much, my doctor. Hospital staff, the doctor's team, the driver was all incredible and they were very good. Many thanks again for everything.


Va*** 30 May 2018  

Is it possible to share photos before and after? I'm thinking of going to the same doctor.

Mi*** 05 June 2018  

I would be fine at m, but my problem is the arched nose photo though.

Treatment Provider
Ozge Ergun, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review Thank you very much my doctor.
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