28 November 2022
1 month after treatment

5* Professional Service Received

I had a face and Neck lift plus upper eye lids done in October last.
My initial consultation was very open and honest with my personal good being paramount in terms of surgical advice for long term result.
Before my scheduled surgery, rigurous tests were done so as to ensure that I was completely fit and well for surgery.
The hospital registration and accommodation and all staff were excellent.
Surgery, under General Anaesthetic went better than expected with a pain free recovery.
Follow ups at the Clinic with Nurse Sule and the Surgeon, Dr. Çağhan Baytekin who gave generously of their time and advice was at all times excellent.
Overall I found Dr. Çağhan Baytekin, Nurse Sule and all other staff at the Clinic to be very helpful, pleasant and professional.

Treatment Provider
Caghan Baytekin, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review Dr. Çağhan Baytekin gave generously of his time and advice and I felt very safe in his capable hands.<br /> A very thorough Surgeon indeed.
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