29 May 2018
1 year after treatment

41 years old, my experience in 1330 Graft Hair Transplantation for my front line

Hi Friends, Age 41 I live abroad. Although I do not have a problem with my hair density, I decided to have a hair transplant after a year of research due to the deterioration of my front line and ingrown hairs.

When I went to Ankara at the end of my research, I met Dr. Muttalip face to face. About a month later I got the day for the end of December 2016.

On 22-23-24 December, I had my planting to be 1330 grafts in total. I'm sharing my vision in 9 months. The sheets gained volume. The only thing that changed after 9 months was the structure of the sheet wire. (Trapezoidal, undulating sheets are normalized and flattened.

Treatment Provider
Muttalip Keser, MD Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
Review Dr. Muttalip did the grafting and transplantation.
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