13 February 2018
8 months after treatment

I'm 28 years old and I chose Ebru Zulfikaroglu labiaplasty

I was in a relationship for 2 months and we decided to get married. However, I felt like my vaginal lips were too big. There was often fungal inflammation, but more importantly, its appearance bothered me a lot. We had set the wedding day 3 months later, but I started to worry about the first night and I started researching vagina aesthetics and labiaplasty and made an appointment with Ms. Ebru, who has a clinic in Ankara. I chose a female doctor. She is both a gynecologist and a surgeon so it made me more comfortable. Three months before the wedding, with labiaplasty procedure, the appearance of the inner lips of my vagina was exactly what I wanted. Now I am very comfortable and can get married.

Treatment Provider
Ebru Zulfikaroglu, MD Gynecology
Review I preferred it as a doctor. The fact that I was a gynecologist and a surgeon both made me more comfortable.
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