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"Women Become Happy with Genital Aesthetics"

Genital Rejuvenation

By Selin Sezgin • Medical review by Evrim Aksoy, MD

“Women Become Happy with Vaginal Rejuvenation”

Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Dr. Evrim Aksoy stated that women's happiness is multiplied by Vaginal Rejuvenation.

Evrim Aksoy: “Beauty has been important to men and women since existence. The female body has attracted attention with its aesthetic form in all ages and has become the focus of attention in painting, sculpture, music, fashion and all fields.

Deformities in the body negatively affected the psychology of the woman, reduced her self-confidence, caused her to experience resentment with mirrors, and caused failure in her relations with the opposite sex.

Today, we observe that when men and women have aesthetic problems that make them unhappy, they try to act more courageously and quickly to solve it.
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In this context, the fact that the female genital area is aesthetically beautiful increases the self-confidence of the woman and makes it easier for her to be happy in her relationships. Otherwise, it may adversely affect the sexual life of the woman.

Stating that women's problems cause embarrassment, Evrim Aksoy MD said, “The parts that make up the female genital structure are the vagina, the large lips (Labium majus), the small lips (Labium minus), the hymen (hymen) and the upper part of the lips (mons pubis).

The aesthetic appearance of these regions is bad, in women; It leads to situations such as insecurity, inadequacy in sexuality, dissatisfaction and embarrassment. However, despite today's modern conditions, it cannot be expressed easily and it becomes a source of stress that the person has to solve alone.

Stating that Vaginal Rejuvenation operations and interventions are performed by dividing them into regions, Evrim Aksoy MD listed them as follows:

1- Labium Operation (Interventions on big and small lips = Labiaplasty):

labioplastiThe part we call labium is the thicker and fuller parts that make up the external genitalia, that is, the large lips and the thinner lips that are located more inside.

Over time, sagging and prolongation can be seen due to personal characteristics or age.

This situation causes disfigurement, the swimsuit can be disturbed by the fact that it is raised in the front when the bikini is worn. It can cause difficulty or painful intercourse by closing the entrance during sexual intercourse.

With a simple operation, these elongated or sagging lips can be shortened, shaped, hollowed out, loosened labio can be filled.

After labiaplasty, the patient can easily return to his daily life. However, during the recovery period, it is necessary not to have sexual intercourse for 4-5 weeks.

2- Vaginoplasty: Vagina Tightening Procedures

vajina daraltmaVaginal tightening can be done surgically or with a laser. Over time, we frequently encounter enlargements structurally or due to vaginal births.

This may cause the pleasure of sexual intercourse to decrease or disappear for both parties.

With surgical intervention, the loosened tissue is removed, narrowing and rejuvenation of the surrounding tissues are provided.

Recently, vagina narrowing is performed with a very short and easy method without the need for anesthesia in the office environment with the laser method.

So much so that the devices developed for this purpose are reaching a more advanced stage day by day, and nowadays, technologies that can make the vagina narrowing process much more effective and successful, provided that using radiofrequency waves after laser, are being prepared for the market.

3- Repairing Postpartum

vaginoplastyDuring vaginal delivery, we make incisions called episiotomy in cases where it is necessary for the baby's head to come out easily.

In cases where these incisions are not repaired well, when a bad suture technique is used, or when the vagina is torn spontaneously and uncontrollably without being prepared, ugly images may remain in this area and may make the woman unhappy in this sense.

These scar tissues can be removed simply by using local anesthesia, the tissues are compared in a smooth alignment and re-sewed, and the internal tissue loosening or sagging that occurs during this time can be corrected.

Again, the patient can return to his daily life immediately, but sexual intercourse is prohibited for 6 weeks during the recovery period.

4- Stitching the Hymen

stitching the hymenIn some social and familial conditions, when difficult situations are in question, hymen repair requested by patients can also be counted as Vaginal Rejuvenation interventions.

5- Plumping the Genital Area Upper Vagina (mons pubis) or Labio Area

pubisThese are small interventions that are easy, fast and do not interrupt the daily life of the patient.

All these interventions are easy, safe and easy-to-use interventions aimed at making women feel good, increasing their self-confidence, looking aesthetically pleasing when wearing sports clothes, tights, swimsuits, bikinis, not having difficulty in sexual intercourse and increasing pleasure. are compelling transactions.

In today's conditions, talking is no longer a taboo. It is also pleasing that it is based on trust between the patient and the doctor, and often results in success.

Thanks to advanced and rapid medical techniques, we can now solve these problems without scaring our patients.”

Written on 17/10/2017


Last Update: 19/08/2022

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